Leaving a Mark

Posted by Guest Blogger on June 24, 2015

In the new Facing History video with Ben Kingsley my favorite image is the split image of a young woman, the viewer sees half of the back of her head and half of her face. This challenges me.

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Topics: Facing History PSA, A View from the Classroom

People Make Choices

Posted by Rebecca Berger on May 20, 2015


People make choices. Choices make history."

My 7th graders know about Hitler. They are deeply curious about him. They ask questions about his childhood, how he died, how he got to be dictator of Germany. And while I understand their fascination with trying to understand one of the greatest demagogues of the last century, I try to channel their curiosity in a different direction; my students are not going to understand the Holocaust by uncovering everything there is to know about Hitler, but they will come much closer to understanding how the Holocaust could have happened just by looking at the everyday people who were living in Europe at that time.

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Topics: Choosing to Participate, Holocaust and Human Behavior, Critical Thinking, Facing History PSA, A View from the Classroom

One Of Us? Or One Of Them?

Posted by Guest Blogger on May 13, 2015

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Topics: Civil Rights Movement, Choosing to Participate, Bullying, Critical Thinking, Facing History PSA, Upstander, A View from the Classroom

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