Knock Down the House

Posted by Mary Hendra on April 29, 2019

Sometimes we think of learning how to be an upstander from those who have achieved amazing success.  I had the opportunity to see an early screening of Knock Down the House - releasing May 1, 2019 on Netflix - and it has me thinking instead of all we can learn from those who stand up, not knowing whether or not they will even succeed.  In this week's blog for our season of upstanding (#LAUpstander), I’d love to hear your thoughts on upstanding in film and what we learn from those upstanders whose success is by no means guaranteed.  

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Schindler’s List – 25 Years Ago and Today

Posted by Celina Martinez on January 18, 2019

I didn’t see Schindler’s List in 1993, when it first in theaters.   I saw it in 2018 for the first time and I’m glad I waited. As a Program Associate at Facing History, I have had a similar journey in learning about the Holocaust as a Facing History student would have. I have learned about issues of identity, we/they, conformity and consent, as well as the actual history in ways that have made me appreciate the film so much more than I would have 25 years ago.

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Exploring the Role of Allies in Confronting Injustice

Posted by Gayle Cole on October 31, 2018

Every year, Facing History Los Angeles convenes our partnership schools for a summit on school culture. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators consider key ideas in how to create a more compassionate, engaged school community that can delve together into the critical issues of our times.

Our October 2018 Summit on School Culture focused on the role of allies in seeing and standing up against injustice, beginning with the documentary And Then They Came for Us. This film clearly activated the intellectual rigor, emotional engagement, and ethical reflection of our pedagogical triangle for the students, teachers and parents in attendance. Whether you attended the event or not, this film, accessible for free on our web site, offers you a timely resource for promoting engaged citizenship and dialogue in your community.

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Exploring Empathy, Homelessness in Los Angeles

Posted by Mary Hendra on September 26, 2016

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11 Zaption Tours to Encourage Deeper Engagement with Video

Posted by Mary Hendra on September 29, 2015

Zaption has received accolades from SXSW (winning the LAUNCHedu competition), Fast Company (in their innovation issue), and educators far and wide. We've been happy to have an initial set of Facing History videos available as Zaption tours since their launch last August, and are now thrilled to share two more collections for educators.

The Holocaust and Human Behavior pulls together five films used by Facing History educators to explore the pressures on individual and group decision-making, the ways Nazism affected cultural and religious institutions, and the insight gained from the recently-opened Soviet archives. In this film from the Zaption tour set, Professor James Waller explores how ordinary individuals can become perpetrators in genocide.

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LA Film Festival and Facing History Themes

Posted by Mary Hendra on June 12, 2015

I love the LA Film Festival. Neither my husband or I have ever worked in the film industry. In the course of a normal year, we are lucky to see even 3 or 4 movies in the theater. In fact, we started going to the LA Film Festival just to support the festival's move to downtown since we live here. The first year we got a modest little "4-pack" of films - toughly negotiated between his love of action films and my quirky taste for some foreign films. They were fantastic.

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It’s Twilight Zone Day!

Posted by Mary Hendra on May 11, 2015

I’m not kidding! One of the first things I heard on the radio this morning was that it’s Twilight Zone Day, and I can’t help but think of a Twilight Zone episode often used in Facing History classrooms:

The Eye of the Beholder

What about you? Is there a Twilight Zone episode – old or new – which you love for its message, the question(s) it raises, or the way you can use it in the classroom?

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It's time to vote!

Posted by Mary Hendra on February 22, 2015

While you're waiting for the Academy Awards to start, share your thoughts about films with a Facing History connection!

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Facing History Shadow Awards

Posted by Mary Hendra on January 22, 2015

In LA it's all about the movies right now. Academy Award nominations are out. Golden Globes, DGA, ... everybody is talking about films. We'd like to hear YOUR thoughts!

Who or what would YOU nominate in a shadow, Facing History -related list of categories? We've started the list, but this is a 100% totally democratic, all-inclusive process. Nominate more films in the comments below. Vote with an opportunity for write-ins. We aren't even strict about "this year" - if you saw or used it this year, that's good enough for us! Not everybody has enough time to see new films as soon as they release.

Theatre or film festival movies we saw this year that made us think of Facing History:

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Posted by Mary Hendra on January 7, 2015

The film Selma opens across the nation this week. It is a powerful story of the Civil Rights Movement through a critical moment and place.

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