The Best of our Conference Season

Posted by Mary Hendra on April 1, 2016

During the last few months, Southern California has hosted many conferences including three statewide conferences at which Facing History and our teachers presented:

  • California Association of Teachers of English (CATE)
  • California Council for the Social Studies (CCSS)
  • CUE (the largest Education Technology conference on the West Coast at almost 7000 attendees!)

Do you want to see our presentations? Participate in the fun of an Exhibit Hall giveaway without the hassle of missing school? Keep reading. We have a special gift for those who couldn't make it to the conferences in person!

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Topics: Common Core, Critical Thinking, workshop, Teaching Strategy, Community Event, Using Technology

Using Video in the Classroom: Active or Passive Learning?

Posted by Mary Hendra on October 1, 2015

As an educator, when you use video in the classroom are you asking your students to be passive or active?

I can certainly appreciate the leisurely watching of movies and television shows, even documentaries. But, as a teacher, when I chose to use valuable class time to watch something on video, I definitely wanted my students to be as engaged as possible! Here are some of my strategies. 

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Topics: Common Core, Teaching Strategy, Tech Innovation

"I Write to Know What I Think"

Posted by Mary Hendra on February 12, 2014

I write to know what I think." - Joan Didion

Joan Didion has something there. Writing can play an important part in processing difficult material, reflecting on our own beliefs, and finding ways to express in language what may only be a feeling or sense. Thanks to the National Writing Project and Educator Innovator, I had the opportunity to hear from some amazing Facing History educators how they see writing deepen students' thinking.

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Topics: Common Core, Critical Thinking, Teaching Strategy, A View from the Classroom

Looking Inward, Moving Outward

Posted by Stephanie Carrillo on June 19, 2013

A snapshot from a Facing History seminar. During the summer, we lead educator seminars for three to five days at a time. This week, Stephanie Carrillo visited our seminar on "Identity, History, and Adolescent Choices in Literature" which provided a Facing History lens to explore "The Diary of Anne Frank," "The Giver ," and "Red Scarf Girl." She brings us this story.

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Topics: Common Core, Critical Thinking, workshop, Social and Emotional Learning

Understanding the Armenian Genocide from Primary Sources

Posted by Mary Hendra on December 18, 2012

In 2011, Elana Goldbaum (World History teacher at Gertz Ressler High School) opened her classroom to us by sharing how she uses Facing History to teach the Armenian Genocide. If I had to summarize it into key themes and practices, there were two:

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Topics: Armenian Genocide, Common Core, Critical Thinking, A View from the Classroom

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