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Posted by Liz Vogel on September 6, 2014

Imagine a Los Angeles where we consistently treat each other with civility, compassion, and understanding, across all backgrounds, where there is genuine curiosity for others' stories and a willingness to question long-held assumptions. Imagine a Los Angeles where civic participation is part of our ethos, where individuals engage in dialogue and discussion with a common vocabulary, where we are able to confront the difficult moments of our past and its legacies in order to foster a shared sense of responsibility for our future. Where young people come first, where we invest in education and in our teachers, where it really is the best place to learn and to live.

We could do this. You can help.

LA2050 is a bold initiative that is helping to create the Los Angeles of our future. Facing History is competing for a chance to win $100,000 to help us get one step closer to the vision we see for LA.

For 20 years, Facing History has been working with individual teachers and schools in Los Angeles. Now, we're partnering with whole schools to provide a comprehensive framework, through rigorous curriculum, for addressing the challenges that occur in every school: identity-based conflicts, bullying, and violence. We help schools as they lead the way in proactively building safe and inclusive communities where students' voices matter.

Vote for Facing History in LA 2050 today. Help expand the support Facing History and Ourselves can bring to LA students and teachers.

Vote for Facing History in the LA2050 challenge. Vote for Facing History in the LA2050 challenge.

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