Has it Been a Minute?

Posted by Gayle Cole on January 4, 2019


Did you interact with Facing History resources in the past, but it has been a while since you looked into our latest work? 

Welcome back!

Just like with old friends, if it has been months or years since we connected, we have so much catching up to do. 

At Facing History, we create new educational content all the time. We understand, though, that the first thing old friends say when they reunite is, “I don’t know where to begin.” So let us tell you how to reacquaint yourself with our latest and greatest lessons, activities, teaching materials, and other content (or maybe if you’ve been by our side this whole time, you can share this with a colleague who could use it): 

  • Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 8.00.04 PMThis year we started a current events page which gets updated a minimum of twice a month. It’s not just what’s new with us, it’s what’s new in the headlines, too. You can subscribe so you get these current events direct to your inbox.
  • Also, we continually add to our professional development offerings, and some are only as far away as your computer. We offer live, synchronous webinars, as well as learning on demand.  We're also trying to go to more places across Southern California, partnering with museums, districts, and other educational organizations.  Do you know one we should connect with? Email us! (mary_hendra@facinghistory.org
  • Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 5.54.26 PMCurious about recent content additions?  Here are just a few you may not yet know: Revised Schindler's List teaching guide for the 25th anniversary of the film's release, Persistence of Hate - a new lesson about antisemitism at the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville,  Stolen Lives - a powerful examination of the devastating legacy of Indian Residential Schools, and a 23-lesson unit for teaching Holocaust and Human Behavior
  • As we add to our collections, we often highlight our progress on our blogs – which is where you are reading this right now! But, did you know that there are three Facing History blogs?  You will find teaching ideas, event recaps, even links to other organizations and resources, and more. By commenting, you can also update us on what you’re doing these days. You can subscribe individually to each blog of interest - including, we hope, this one for Southern California educators in particular.


Let’s not let so much time pass between visits, shall we? It’s always good to see you, and to offer you our support. Together, we can help students learn about hatred and bigotry so they can stop them from happening in the future.

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