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Posted by Jennifer Lenardson on February 20, 2013

“Sometimes you need a telescope to see what’s hidden. Sometimes you need a microscope. And sometimes, all you need is a mirror….There are a lot of mysteries in the world, and the best that we can hope for, the best that a program like Facing History can offer us, is the ability to ask better questions of ourselves and to know that if the questions hurt, keep asking them.”–Angello Portillo, Facing History Alumnus and Los Angeles Benefit Speaker

On January 28, 2013, over 400 people gathered for the annual Facing History Los Angeles Benefit Dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The dinner featured Facing History alumnus Angello Portillo, who revealed a very personal connection to the lessons he learned in his Facing History class at the LA School of Global Studies in the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex in Downtown Los Angeles. He recounted how he felt as the perpetrator of what he described as “evil” when he bullied a young girl in middle school.

Angello challenged and inspired the audience of Facing History supporters, community members, teachers, and students in the audience at this year’s benefit dinner. Each year, Facing History benefit dinners allow the L.A. community to hear from upstanders in our community and learn more about the important work Facing History does in the city and around the world.

Angello remarked “…ever since I was little, I always felt that life was a mystery, and that if you look close enough, you many not find the answer you’re looking for, but at least you’ll find better questions; questions that bring you a little bit closer to understanding a small piece of the world and your place in it.”

If you are inspired by Angello's story, let us know what questions you might ask to better understand yourself and the world.

View the photos from the annual Los Angeles Benefit Dinner. Photos courtesy of Maya Myers Photography.

Angello's class studied The Holocaust and Human Behavior. Find out more about our seminars on the Holocaust. Find out more about Facing History's work around bullying.






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