2022 LAPSN Upstanders: Educators

2022 LAPSN Upstanders: Student Groups

2022 LAPSN Student Upstanders

Leaving a Legacy: Student Action Projects

Memorializing as Upstanding: Culminating an Interdisciplinary Unit on the Holocaust

Reconstruction: Uncovering the True Story and Its Legacy Today

A Community of One: The Fight for Connection in a Pandemic

The Nanjing Atrocities: A Murder Mystery

A Network of Innovation: Ideas, Questions, and Wisdom from our LA Partner Schools

Learning and Unlearning

Reflections on 20 years

Creating a More Compassionate, Thoughtful World

Announcing: A GALLERY of Upstanders!

Teaching About the Armenian Genocide

Remembering Dan Alba

Fashion and Facing History

Bringing Facing History Strategies into Online Classrooms

Sharing BIPOC Women of California Resources

Spotlight on BIPOC Women of California

Charlotta Bass Changed the Way I Understand History

Happy Birthday, Biddy Mason!


Teaching During Protests and a Pandemic

Civic Imagination, Civic Action

Teaching with Attention to the FAIR Education Act

Honoring the Armenian Genocide through Poetry

Liz Vogel as Guest on Overthrowing Education Podcast

Violins of Hope LIVE concert 4/17/20

Teaching and Learning Remotely

How Freedom's Word Found the Bondman

Southern California Museums 2020

Teaching with The 1619 Project in Ethnic Studies

Teaching with The 1619 Project

Righting a Wrong

The Power of Empathy

The 1619 Project

Back to School Message from Liz Vogel

Back to School - Telling a Story

Back to School - Contracting

Back to School - Student Identity

Back to School - Setting the Tone

Nurturing Upstanders

Deborah Johnson and Zandra Rólon, Discrimination Case, 1984

Chuck Rowland, Founding Member of Mattachine Society, 1950

Dr. Evelyn Hooker, Conducting Scientific Research

Edythe Eyde, Writing in 1947

An Adult Learning Opportunity for Pride Month

2019 Upstanders from LA Partnership Schools!

Special Speakers/Events Announced for 2019 Seminars

What does "upstanding" look like to you?

9th Grade Upstanders

Arianne Edmonds and Jefferson Edmonds: an LA Upstander Family

Knock Down the House

What Opens YOUR World?

Children of Blood and Bone

Join Our #LAUpstander Campaign!

Nipsey Hussle

What is an Ally?

RBG and UPstanding

Strangers When We Meet

Teaching the Holocaust with Listenwise & Facing History resources

Museums Annual Free-for-All Day

Returning to Class Discussions after the LA Teachers Strike

Schindler’s List – 25 Years Ago and Today

Has it Been a Minute?

A Hope More Powerful Than The Sea

Today’s News, Tomorrow’s History: Ending Veteran Homelessness

Purposeful Telling: Memory to Action

Exploring Current Events with a SEL Lens

Exploring the Role of Allies in Confronting Injustice

Prevent Bullying with Empathy-Building

Voices of Literacy Student Creative Writing Contest

Listenwise and Facing History LA

Facing History Book Cafe

Looking Back to Move Forward: The Legacy of Reconstruction

The Unknown Upstander in Operation Finale

The Writers of Willesden Lane

2018-19 Back to School Message

2018 Upstanders from LA Partnership Schools

Today’s News, Tomorrow’s History: Educating Immigrants about Their Legal Rights

The Quest for Equal Rights through Nonviolent Protest: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Hrant Dink

CA Social Studies Educators Conference

CA English Teachers Conference

Today’s News, Tomorrow’s History: The Fate of Confederate Monuments

Pop-Up Art Exhibition Coming to LA

The Breadwinner: Using Facing History to Extend the Film Discussions

Literature Series for Educators

Democracy Under Fire

Hope Through Despair

More Teachers Share Their First Days

Choosing Our Language

3 Teachers Share their First Days Back to School

Giving Space for Student Voices, Questions, and Dialogue

A Back to School Message from Liz Vogel

Take This Giant Leap

Reclaiming the Identity of Youth Lost During the Holocaust

Upstanders from 2017 LA Partnership Schools

Empathy is Vital

Giving Back to Facing History and Ourselves

Facing Ourselves is Not Easy

The Compassion Cap

Hope on Days with a Heavy Heart

Exploring Empathy, Homelessness in Los Angeles

Start Somewhere

“Powering Up” Facing History’s Unit on the Reconstruction Era

Creating a Reflective Classroom Community

Star Wars and Facing History

Creator of Ms. Marvel Inspires Student Upstanders and Vice Versa

Change the Story - YALLWEST

Celebrating Upstanders

3 Ways to Celebrate National Library Week!

Seminars in Los Angeles, Summer 2016

The Best of our Conference Season

Opportunities for San Diego Teachers

Use Rich Video More Effectively: Tools from Our Talk at CUE National Conference

Spring Student Opportunities

Best of Our CCSS 2016 Resources: Four Great Presentations for Social Studies Educators

Rich Writing Prompts and Standards-Based Strategies: Our Presentation from CATE 2016

Holocaust and Human Behavior: A Humanized Online Experience

Humanizing Online Engagement

Padlet Response - How Do You Stay Engaged?

Facing History and Ourselves…The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Powering Up an Identity Lesson with Lucidchart and Today's Meet

Telling History Forward

What is "beauty"?

20% Time: Playing with Tech for Classroom Use

Young Voices During the Holocaust: Collected Resources

Hidden Gems from 2015

Opportunities for Teachers in 2016

Top 5 Posts from 2015

How do you stay engaged?

StoryCorps and the Great Thanksgiving Listen with Facing History in Los Angeles

The Promise of Los Angeles


Using Video in the Classroom: Active or Passive Learning?

11 Zaption Tours to Encourage Deeper Engagement with Video

You don't have to wait! 10 Facing History & Ourselves Resources For Early American History

3 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Constitution Day, September 17, 2015

Why My Daughters Love Malala

Being an Upstander Today

3 Ways to Make Your Classroom Contract More Effective

A Different Story of Race Relations

Getting Equipped to Engage in Challenging Conversations

CLTV: Holocaust and Human Behavior

Break the Ice: 4 Favorite Activities from the LA Staff

Break the Ice: Activity 3 of 4 Great Strategies to Build Community

Break the Ice: Activity 2 of 4 Favorites for Building Community

Break the Ice: 4 Strategies to Strengthen Classroom Community

CLTV: Creating a Safe and Reflective Classroom

Creating Student Upstanders in Today’s World

Toolbox for Democracy

Digital Binder for the Teaching Mockingbird Seminar

Fragility of Democracy

Digital Binder for Reconstruction Era Seminar

Leaving a Mark

Recognizing a Commitment to Genocide Education

LA Film Festival and Facing History Themes

Hope for the Future

Facing Stereotyping and Discrimination

Discovering Community

Muslim – Jewish Exchange Days at Los Angeles Schools

6 Questions from Courtroom Drama

The World Upside Down

People Make Choices

One Of Us? Or One Of Them?

It’s Twilight Zone Day!

How Do You Use Facing History in Your Classroom?

YA Literature in the Classroom

Helping Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things


Missed Opportunities

Civic Engagement in a Digital Age

The Great New Orleans Kidnapping Case: Race, Law, Justice in the Reconstruction Era

A Conversation with My Father, part 2

Facing History and Myself: A Conversation with My Father

5 Ways Principals Show Their Support

A Day of Conversation

It's time to vote!

Facing History Shadow Awards



Hidden Gems of 2014

Top 5 Posts of 2014

Why Do We Give?

NCSS Recap: Inspiration for Social Studies Teachers

How a Student Helped Me Face Myself Part 2

Facing History in Just 3 Minutes

How a Student Helped Me Face Myself

Upstanders: a Look Into a Middle School Classroom

The Power of One

Film Screening: I Learn America

Why We Love Monsters


Student Agency, Student Voice, and the Maker Movement

How do YOU start your Facing History unit?

Social Innovation Fast Pitch 2014

The Power of Words

Upstanders: Strengthening School Community


FLIPPED! The Small Steps of Democracy in a Flipped Classroom

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