Re-energizing with Facing History

Posted by Mary Hendra on July 3, 2013

During the summer, we love leading the seminars you've been reading about on the blogs. It is a time of rejuvenation for teachers, an opportunity to be a student again and grow in our professional practice, and a space for grounding ourselves in why we teach. How has Facing History re-energized you or sustained you during difficult times? Here are a few thoughts from our teachers, past seminar participants:

Facing History has enlightened not only my view towards the past, but my students' as well. At the end of the Facing History course, students have learned to challenge choices made by people in power. They have begun to analyze what power really means. They have made connections between the past and the present. Facing History brings a face to an experience so that we feel what really went on. It lets us explore the other side of the story. This, in turn, changes our thinking. I say "our" because there are several occasions where students bring issues to my attention and we are able to explore together. I end my Facing History course every year with a new sense of hope and empowerment. Empowerment comes from knowing that I am helping to influence the thinking of future generations, and hope stems from my awareness that a positive change has already begun.

Crystal Pittman, Gertz Ressler High School

You know when you have one of those lessons (Facing History related or not) that you know could be better, but you're not sure how? I start flipping through my Facing History materials. I can usually find something that will really get my kids thinking deeper and more like historians. If perhaps the content doesn't fit, I can adapt one of the strategies or activities and my lesson will be better and more engaging. Plus the "In The News" feature on the website ALWAYS has something current, relevant and thought-provoking that I can use with my kids.

Malia Frutschy, Beverly Hills High School

Facing History has given me strategies that help me get my students to higher level thinking, engaging them in dialogue on issues that matter to them. Introducing the universe of obligation in my classroom has driven my students to get more involved in their communities, I attribute their environmental awareness to the many themes that facing history embodies.

Latiffe Amado, Environmental Science and Technology High School

What about you, how has Facing History re-energized you or sustained you during difficult times?


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