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Dan Alba joined the Facing History and Ourselves staff in 1994. He currently serves as a Senior Program Associate.

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Holocaust and Human Behavior: Lessons Learned & Shared

Posted by Dan Alba on December 21, 2012

After each school year, do you look forward to summer vacations, travels, hobbies and relaxation to recharge your batteries? As a former classroom teacher, I remember my own need to "get away from it all" and as "far as possible." But not Malia Frutschy from Beverly Hills High School! Malia confesses:

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Topics: Choosing to Participate, Holocaust and Human Behavior

Race and Membership in American History: the Eugenics Movement

Posted by Dan Alba on December 20, 2012

How necessary, or unnecessary, is it to talk about "race" with your students? Do you have the proper resources and approaches to discuss "issues of race" in your classroom? When in your curriculum do you feel the issue of "race" should be broached? And what are the biggest challenges you face as a classroom teacher when talking with your students about "race"?

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Topics: Race and Membership in American History: Eugenics

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