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Posted by Mary Hendra on December 21, 2015

As we finish out the year, here are our top 5 posts from 2015 based on page views.

Break the Ice series

Building on our webinar for creating a safe, reflective classroom community, for one week each LA Program staff member of Facing History and Ourselves shared their favorite community-building activity. Click here to see all four.

Toolbox for DemocracyTop_5_posts_2015.jpg

Democracy works “through the collaborative efforts of ordinary people.” Fernando Reimers, Harvard University, shares this in an essay just published by Facing History and Ourselves...what tools do we have to make our democracy work better? We put this question to teachers in our most recent seminar, A New Approach to Teaching Mockingbird. Here is their response: ... Click here to keep reading.

Facing History and Myself: A Conversation with My Father

By all accounts, my father is a brilliant writer with nine books under his belt. Despite this, I’ve somewhat avoided reading his books–finding it a little strange to discover our family revealed in print, even wrapped in the protective cloak of fiction. Despite his work’s critical acclaim, I have only read a handful of his books. When his most recent book, Five Bullets, was released, he mailed me a copy with the inscription: “Time to face a bit of history, world and family all at once.” This book was not exactly fiction; it was based on my dad’s uncle’s experience during the Holocaust. ... Click here to keep reading.


The film Selma opens across the nation this week. It is a powerful story of the Civil Rights Movement through a critical moment and place.

SelmaOne of the things that really stuck with me when several of us from Facing History had the opportunity to see the film and hear from a number of those involved in creating it, was the specific decision to focus and name the place – Selma – rather than centering the film only on a single individual. In doing so, they present more clearly the power of individual choices by so many people.

As I watched, I found myself pondering… Click here to keep reading.

Civic Engagement in a Digital Age

My children will come of age in an era of easy digital access, of school districts across the country exploring one-to-one computing, and their hometown deciding that students have the right to bring personal cell phones and electronics into schools. So, like many other parents of digital natives, I wonder how they will harness and utilize the power of this global access. How will they navigate the myriad of behaviors, distractions, and opportunities that the digital landscape provides? How will they define their digital Universe of Obligation and, as digital natives, will they be digital bystanders or digital upstanders? ... Click here to keep reading.

And of mention, three posts published in prior years which continue to top our charts for views:

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