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Posted by Mary Hendra on March 31, 2020

A message for our educators from Mary Hendra, Southern California Program Director for Facing History and Ourselves.


How Can We Help You?

This interactive form will offer suggestions based on the need you identify. 

At any point, you can email the LA team at losangeles@facinghistory.org


Resources available to support teachers with remote learning

Connecting with other Educators

  • NEW: Connect with educators in the Facing History network through our new digital lounge.
  • Connect with us on Twitter @FacingHistoryLA
  • Want to engage with other California educators about inspiring upstanding and civic participation? We will be holding a slow chat on Twitter April 2-9 and a live chat on April 15th - both exploring elements of how we build civic engagement and a culture of upstanding. Join us!
  • How are you navigating teaching remotely? Share your tips and tricks directly with other teachers (and see a digital tool you might use with your students) by posting in our Flipgrid


New ContentCTP_Covers_vmid

  • We are thrilled to share a new pairing of lessons to  help educators and students explore two pivotal moments in the Latinx rights movement in California: the East LA school walkouts in 1968 and the Delano grape workers’ strike that began in 1965.
  • Facing History has also created a new resource around civic education: From Reflection to Action   All CA educators can receive a free print copy of the guide with free shipping by entering the code CACTP.
  • We have and will hold several webinars created with CA educators in mind. Recordings are available for those which have already been held. 

March 26, 2020: Teaching for Equity and Justice: A Conversation with Linda Darling-Hammond

April 1, 2020: Becoming an Activist: A Conversation with Dolores Huerta

April 20, 2020 webinar aligned with the FAIR Education Act: Bringing LGBTQ Upstanders into Your Classroom: A Conversation with Eric Marcus

We continue to add webinars and convert in-person events to digital experiences. A full list of Facing History webinars, online workshops, and self-paced courses can be found here.


Staying Grounded During this Disruption

As we all find our own ways to stay grounded, we offer our thoughts on how each of us is creating the space we need:

  • Sunny: Journaling! Writing helps me feel relaxed and engaged with my day. Every morning I spend 5-10 minutes writing in my gratitude journal. Always helps me to think about the good things in life.
  • Gayle: Spending time outdoors keeps me calm. Whether I sit on my back steps and listen to the birds, or take a walk around my block with my headphones on, I almost always come back inside feeling more positive.
  • Jason: I recently listened to two different podcasts featuring interviews with Rebecca Solnit. And I continue to be inspired by her faith in humanity and observations that we are capable of and act with great humanity in times of crisis. I could envision linking to her reading in HHB and I can find the podcasts and link there as well.
  • Arisela:  I like to write in my journal as a way to begin the day and/or wind down at the end of the day.  I usually start off with a free write of whatever is on my mind/heart and then I use these prompts, taken from the app (which is unfortunately no longer free) “The Five Minute Journal”: Beginning of the day - I am grateful for… (I list 3 things, trying to be as specific as possible) What will I do to make today great? (I list 3 things) Daily Affirmation (I pick an affirmation that speaks to how I’m feeling or how I want to feel).  End of the day - 3 amazing things that happened today…
  • Mary: First off, it helps me to connect with others. Every day I look for who I can reach out to, listen to, or help - whether a friend or family member or a small business I appreciate. And for my own sense of calm, I remember to incorporate the crafts I so enjoy - crocheting, scrapbooking, creating in fun ways. Sometimes I do the two together and connect over crafts.
  • Liz: I’ve always loved the art of letter writing, so I have been starting each day writing a few notes of gratitude and love that I drop in the mail. It helps me process some of my thoughts and feelings while connecting to friends and colleagues near and far. It tends to bring a smile to the person on the receiving end, which also makes me happy.

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