Recognizing a Commitment to Genocide Education

Posted by Armen Menechyan on June 17, 2015

June is undoubtedly a bittersweet month in the teaching world. Days are filled with grading, goodbyes, potential planning for the year ahead, but mainly putting those final touches on what was a rewarding and meaningful teaching year. However, it can also be a time for awards and recognition as it was this June for one group of teachers.

hovannisian-1In March of 2015, a cohort of teachers from Calabasas High School attended our 100-year commemoration of the Armenian Genocide with Dr. Richard Hovannisian and showed a commitment to genocide awareness education. To honor Dr. Hovannisian, the Los Angeles office of Facing History chose to give a class set of books to one school which is dedicated to teaching this important history.

As a result of their annual awareness efforts about a forgotten genocide and continued dedication to teaching it to students and staff, Calabasas High School received this class set of Crimes Against Humanity and Civilization: the Genocide of the Armenians as well as two educator multimedia resource kits to the Social Studies and English departments.

Coincidentally, the teacher, Elizabeth Boghosian, who is the individual responsible for leaving this legacy behind at the community, is retiring this year. Elizabeth could not express how excited and honored she felt. She said that every year it was quite difficult for her to talk about this genocide, as it was personal, but she knew the importance of being courageous and doing her part. As this was her last year on campus she was able to speak of her family story to more than 300 students. She said it was difficult, but

I had to give voice to my grandparents."

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The teachers are enthusiastic about these Facing History resources and a new relationship with Facing History in Los Angeles thanks to the teacher Mrs. Boghosian, (pictured center).

As teachers from Calabasas High School get ready to lock their classroom doors for the year, we congratulate them on this recognition and look forward to seeing them at our summer seminars and in the coming year!


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