Posted by Mary Hendra on October 25, 2014

Since we began "the LA network," it has been about building community.

FacingHistorystudentswithComputerEvery year we work with amazing educators - both in the formal sense of classroom teachers and in the broad sense of those who are interested and support learning for themselves, their families, and the community as a whole. We wanted to recognize and give voice to these many individuals in the Facing History community - individuals with thoughtful insight and expertise in education. We wanted to connect with others to feed our understanding and imagination of what is possible and engage with the world around us. We wanted to LEARN from and with each other, TEACH others what we had come to believe or experience, and to be able to SHARE these ideas with friends, family and colleagues.

While the Southern California office is based in Los Angeles, Los Angeles is not our limit. And, in fact, we have seen that the ideas generated by our educators have generated great response and receptivity throughout California and beyond. We love that!

It was time to change our name.

Welcome to Learn+Teach+Share. A new name to reflect more accurately what we are doing together online. We hope all feel welcome contributing to the conversation and building the connections that will strengthen this community.

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Welcome to Learn+Teach+Share

This blog helps Southern California teachers connect directly with each other, share ideas, and learn about new resources and opportunities for those interested in or already implementing Facing History.

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