Hidden Gems of 2014

Posted by Mary Hendra on December 31, 2014

Last week we highlighted our top five posts for 2014. Here are a few more posts we think are hidden gems, and worth a second look.

Why We Love Monsters

As long as we can tell ourselves, “THEY were inhumane monsters, but thank goodness, WE are civilized people!” we won’t have to confront how we might be similar to all those who went along with the program because it was easier than resisting. We won’t ever have to admit to ourselves that all of us can recall a moment when we could have, should have helped another person, but for whatever reason, did not act.

CLICK HERE to read the full post. "Monsters" were also a theme in an earlier post this year, Marvels and Monsters: Exploring the Portrayal of Asians in U.S. Comic Books.

I Write To Know What I Think

This one highlights a webinar, so press "play" to hear from teachers and Facing History staff across the country about great writing strategies for a Facing History classroom, and great ways to deepen your students' writing by using Facing History. My first time as a webinar "host" and our first collaboration with Educator Innovator (hosted by the National Writing Project). We've now become a full-fledged partner! CLICK HERE to read and view this blog post. And if you find you like watching as much as reading, dive into our second Educator Innovator webinar, "What Happens When Y oung People Take Action?" by clicking HERE.

Upstander Stories from our LA Partnership Schools

I love that we get to highlight great things in Southern California with this blog. This year we had one post on former Mayor Tom Bradley, various posts highlighting local cultural resources including the Great Wall of Los Angeles, and many posts featuring the teachers and students of Southern California. Upstander Stories features just that - amazing true stories of what Los Angeles students and teachers did in 2014 to change their school climates. Confronting bullying, advocating for human rights locally and internationally, these individuals will inspire you and your students. CLICK HERE to read more.

John Amaechi with AMA students
AMA Students at Upstander Awards

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