Fragility of Democracy

Posted by Mary Hendra on July 8, 2015

reconstruction-1.jpgIn 2014, Facing History and Ourselves introduced two new case studies to California educators with Teaching The Reconstruction Era and Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird. During our July seminars for these two case studies, we will explore democracy: the fragility of democracy, the promise of an interracial democracy, and the role of the individual. This page will be for the use of participants in both seminars.


One activity we'd like participants in both seminars to do is watch the video below from Bryan Stevenson. Below are some Connections questions taken from both guides. Share your thoughts in the form of a comment below. Mockingbird_Cover_v3med.jpg

  1. According to Stevenson, whose stories are neglected in the identity of the United States? What does he think might happen if more Americans knew these stories?
  2. What does Stevenson's speech teach us about participating in democracy? What qualities do you think are necessary for individuals to develop in order for them to become upstanders?
  3. What themes from Reconstruction/Mockingbird are echoed in Stevenson's speech? For this question, be sure to indicate which of the two seminars you are attending.  

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