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Daniel Braunfeld is Senior Program Associate for Special Projects in the New York office of Facing History. Prior to joining Facing History in 2011, he worked at the Facing History School as a Teacher Leader in the Humanities Department and as a facilitator and advisor.

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Civic Engagement in a Digital Age

Posted by Daniel Braunfeld on April 22, 2015

My children will come of age in an era of easy digital access, of school districts across the country exploring one-to-one computing, and their hometown deciding that students have the right to bring personal cell phones and electronics into schools. So, like many other parents of digital natives, I wonder how they will harness and utilize the power of this global access. How will they navigate the myriad of behaviors, distractions, and opportunities that the digital landscape provides? How will they define their digital Universe of Obligation and, as digital natives, will they be digital bystanders or digital upstanders?

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Topics: Choosing to Participate, Social and Emotional Learning, Upstander, Using Technology

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