3 Reasons We Need to Create Safe Classrooms (and a way to get started)

Posted by Mary Hendra on March 30, 2014

In the past few years, the impact of bullying on our children and in our schools has become a significant part of the national conversation about youth and education. And, with good reason.

  1. According to Bullying Statistics, approximately 160,000 students K-12 miss school every day out of fear of being bullied. One in seven reported being bullied or bullying another student (2.7 million in 2010), and over half of students reported witnessing bullying. The number of our students affected by this is huge.
  2. The impact of bullying on an individual can be devastating. 2,700,000 - that is an enormous figure and some sources peg it even higher. It could be easy to feel overwhelmed. So, think instead of the individual - choose just one. Were you ever the target of bullying? Were you excluded when you wanted to be included? Have you seen a child experience pain emotionally or physically when bullied? Think of that one story. It is for that one child that we need to create a safe environment.
  3. Peers make a difference. Teachers do not see everything. Students are not always ready to share what they are experiencing with an adult. But young people, when they intervene on a peer's behalf, are successful over half the time. (See "Upstanders and Bystanders" in the Facing History study guide for the film, Bully, by clicking here.) When educators help students see that they can make a difference, when they create an environment where it is safe to take action, students can help each other.

BullyCoverReady to get started?

Our very own Marti Tippens Murphy (LA Regional Director) and Dan Alba (Senior Program Associate) will be participating in The BULLY Project’s Speak with an Expert Conference Call Series on “Using BULLY in the Classroom” this Tuesday, April 1, 2014. Find out how we've been using Facing History and Ourselves resources, along with the film, in schools to combat bullying during the call.

  • Register for the event by clicking here.
  • Join other Facing History educators on Facebook attending this event by clicking here.

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