Cartoons as Protest

Posted by Mary Hendra on February 6, 2013

I loved using cartoons when I was teaching high school--political cartoons, children's books, and especially the way Bugs Bunny, Sargent SNAFU, and others were used during World War II. (I used the video, Cartoons Go To War, but I'm sure there are other sources for these as well.) There is also a great collection of Dr. Seuss' work during World War II. One person I was not familiar with, however, was the artist Arthur Szyk.

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Topics: Holocaust and Human Behavior, Critical Thinking

A Tribute to Leon Leyson

Posted by Mary Hendra on January 14, 2013

Leon Leyson was a life-long teacher, a student of humanity, an amazing human being, and the youngest member of Schindler's List. I was sad to hear of his passing this weekend.

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Holocaust and Human Behavior: Lessons Learned & Shared

Posted by Dan Alba on December 21, 2012

After each school year, do you look forward to summer vacations, travels, hobbies and relaxation to recharge your batteries? As a former classroom teacher, I remember my own need to "get away from it all" and as "far as possible." But not Malia Frutschy from Beverly Hills High School! Malia confesses:

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Topics: Choosing to Participate, Holocaust and Human Behavior

ASK A TEACHER: Why do you teach the Holocaust?

Posted by Mary Hendra on February 19, 2012

Why do you teach the Holocaust? What do you hope your students will gain from your teaching of the Holocaust? We asked several of our Teacher Leaders and share their responses below. What about YOU? Reply to this blog post with your own thoughts!

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Topics: Holocaust and Human Behavior, A View from the Classroom

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