Remembering the Boston Marathon Bombing

Posted by Marti TippensMurphy on April 15, 2014

One year ago today I was with several of my colleagues in L.A. at one of our partnership network schools during the bombing of the Boston marathon. We were there to bring Cambodian Genocide survivor Arn Chorn Pond to share his story. Imagine over 100 9th graders sitting on the gym floor for nearly 90 minutes and focused on his every word. Thanks to their teacher Crystal Greene, the students that day were prepared to hear Arn's story, and trusted to grapple with the difficult questions that arise from this genocide and its legacies.

In the aftermath, we learned of the compassionate response of these students from Gertz-Ressler High School to the marathon bombing, and how Ms. Greene provided them a safe space to share their feelings and ideas.

One year later that day is still vivid in my memory, as is the "toolbox for healing" created by the students.

Read our post from April 20, 2013, "Boston, From a Distance."

Impromptu Memorial Outside Arlington Street Church in Boston Impromptu Memorial Outside Arlington Street Church in Boston


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