Digital Binder for Reconstruction Era Seminar

Posted by Mary Hendra on July 5, 2015

How does society rebuild after extraordinary division and trauma, when the ideals and values of democracy are most vulnerable? Studying the Reconstruction period in U.S. history, when Americans were faced with the challenge of restoring a nation amid the social and political upheaval of the civil war, confronts us with questions that remain strikingly relevent to our present day.
Each year, we offer "Teaching the Reconstruction Period: the Fragility of Democracy" in a range of formats including in-person and online, workshop and seminar versions. 
The Symbaloo Board below shows the specific resources selected for use in the most recent Los Angeles seminar on Teaching Reconstruction.

 If you're enrolled already for one of our workshops, I hope this digital organizer will add one more tool to what you take away from this training. If you've never taken professional development with Facing History, visit our Professional Development calendar to see all upcoming opportunities, or find out more about our work in LA and throughout Southern California.

Workshop Resources


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