Bodacious Courage

Posted by Mary Hendra on May 30, 2014

We need the courage to create ourselves daily. To be bodacious enough to create ourselves daily.

Dr. Maya Angelou spoke these words in a piece about her Uncle Willie. Returning to Little Rock, Arkansas, she had met individuals whose lives were forever changed by the kindness and confidence shown them by her uncle. One was soon to be the first Black mayor of Little Rock. Another had entered the state legislature.

I look back at Uncle Willie: crippled, black, poor, unexposed to the worlds of great ideas, who left for our generation and generations to come a legacy so rich.

In honor of her passing, I find myself thinking about her words and how each of us can choose to create ourselves daily. How will you be bodacious?


You can hear Dr. Maya Angelou sharing the story about Uncle Willie in the video, Facing Evil, and find a written form of the story in the article "Legacies" within Holocaust and Human Behavior. Hear more from Dr. Maya Angelou by clicking here.

Topics: Judgement and Legacy

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